Monday, May 1, 2017

Amelia to Zora

Amelia to Zora

Picture book
"D is for Dolores, co-founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW). At
age 14, Dolores Huerta helped her family by working an after-school
job in the packing sheds of Stockton, California. The first in her
family to attend college, Dolores left her job as a teacher because
she felt she could help her students more by helping their parents,
who were struggling farm workers."
Although vintage (2005), Cynthia Chin-Lee's Amelia to Zora:
Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World could not be more current or
meaningful. From Amelia Earhart, who discovered her taste for
adventure on a home made roller coaster, to noted folklorist Zora
Neale Hurston, readers discover twenty-six women who pioneered in
various aspects of life. Some are fairly well known. You've probably
heard of Mother Teresa, Rachel Carson, and Eleanor Roosevelt. But
what about:
*Cecelia Payne-Gapischin, first woman professor at Harvard;
*computer pioneer Grace Hopper;
or *Suu Kyi whose sons had to accept her Nobel Peace Prize because she
was under arrest?
I'll bet at least one of these inspiring women will be new to you.
The illustrations in the form of collages are well worth
lingering over.
Teachers and youth group leaders--here's a lovely research
project. Who are the twenty-six women your crew thinks changed the
I'd start with Margaret. Chase Smith of course.
On a personal note, most of us will not change the world. But we can
make a discernable difference in the parts of it we inhabit. Take me
and my literary sidekick.
J is for Jules. I do regular opinion pieces for the Bangor Daily
News. Not exactly New York Times, but today tens of thousands of
people read my essay on how we really haven't made progress since Buck
v. Bell became one of the Supreme Court's worst decisions. I'm quite
well known in Orono where I volunteer in library, community garden,
and UMaine.
O is for Olivia. Right before spring break Olivia organized and
moderated a panel (representatives of campus activist organizations)
discussion. She made it look easy. She's strongly involved in
organizations like Student Women's Association and Maine Peace Action
Committee and totally rocking leadership roles.
? is for ?: Who are you? Who do/can you make a difference?
A great big shout out goes out to B is for Butch. He lives in my
trailor park. He is always making the place better for residents by
cleaning. The man can't go by a piece of trash without properly
disposing of it. He honors not only the environment, but the people
who are part of it.
jules hathaway

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