Friday, December 9, 2016

What Is My Cat Thinking?

What Is My Cat Thinking?

Adult nonfiction
If you are a member of a feline's family, that thought must
cross your mind now and then. There are times our favorite critters
can seem quite inscrutable. To animal behaviorists, however, cats are
open books. Gwen Bailey, a member of that profession, tells all in
her What Is My Cat Thinking?
The focus of the book is the pictures on every page of cats
doing cat things. A short paragraph explains what's going on
succinctly. Two cats, tails high, approach a human. They are showing
happiness in the arrival home of their person. Two cats appear to be
in mortal combat. Clues show them to be in a play fight. A cat
sprawled on her back, arms outstretched, is making a bid for attention.
One aspect of this book I truly appreciate is the discussion of
how some feline behaviors we don't appreciate are wired in, not
subject to learned control. We should do the adapting rather than
punishing our confused cat companions. A good example is digging with
claws when they sit on our laps. A thick blanket on a lap can protect
human skin and cat contentment. I have found a new use for one of
Amber's baby quilts. :)
Joey cuddled on my lap this morning while I read the paper. We
had some fun time on the floor playing with his cat toys. Now he's
sleeping. Judging from his very relaxed posture he feels safe and
secure in his home.
On a personal note, the most recent UMaine blood drive went really
well. I donated the first day and volunteered at the canteen the
second. Got to take lots of snacks home. I finally got to try on the
blood drop costume. Lisa had said I couldn't. Rather than admit she
was wrong she now claims I couldn't climb stairs in it.
A great big shout out goes out to all who worked, volunteered, and
donated at the blood drive.
jules hathaway

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