Friday, December 9, 2016

Moment Of Truth

Moment Of Truth

Adult mystery
"Jack Newlin had no choice but to frame himself for murder.
Once he had set his course, his only fear was that he wouldn't get
away with it. That he wasn't a good enough liar, even for a lawyer."
Mystery lovers, I'm guessing you can't read the first paragraph
of Lisa Scottoline's Moment Of Truth (above) and put the book down. I
surely couldn't. Who is this Jack guy framing himself for a serious
felony? Why does he see it as his only option? Inquiring minds want
to know.
When we meet Jack, an estates lawyer, he's in handcuffs and
under arrest. He's making a confession to two detectives. He'd come
home to find his wife dead. Before he'd called 911 he'd arranged all
the evidence to indicate that he'd murdered her in a drunken rage,
even consuming alcohol in case the police tested his blood. All he
wants to do is get convicted.
Self incrimination may not be all that easy despite all the
evidence pointing to Jack's guilt, evidence that has the District
Attorney thinking he's got a slam dunk. His attorney, Mary Dinunzio,
thinks he's framing himself to protect someone he loves dearly, his
daughter, Paige, a model abused by her Manager mom. One of the
detectives who first interviewed him is thinking his story rings
false. First separately and then together, they work to get him
...which could be a very dangerous move. The case is a lot more
complex than they can imagine. There are links to people in high
places who have a vested interest in seeing Jack take the fall.
Moment Of Truth is a mighty fine read for a dark and blizzardy
winter night.
On a personal note, UMaine commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance
in a low key and decorous but highly inspiring way. We started with a
candle light vigil and then went to Wilson Center for a supper of
spaghetti, garlic bread, and hot cider. The room was alive with love
and solidarity.
A great big shout out goes out to the LGBTQ community.
jules hathaway

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