Saturday, December 31, 2016

Be Safe Around Fire

Be Safe Around Fire

Picture book
Now here's a book my firefighter son would approve of. Bridget
Heos' Be Safe Around Fire brings home important safety messages in a
way that will delight the pre and primary school set.
A girl has a new doll house populated by quite a motley crew
including Barbie types, a super hero, a troll, a cyclops, and a frog
with vampire fangs. When Super Dave leaves his sparkly shirt draped
over a lamp she decides that it's time to clue the gang in on fire
Children will find the toys come to life ideas amusing. When
the girl asks the monster babies what to do if they find matches the
vampire fanged frog suggests eating them, the troll advises sticking
them up one's nose, and the cyclops goes for throwing them out the
Sure it's the basics, but in a format that kids will find
interesting. So they're more likely to stick with them.
On a personal note, when I see my son in his full fire fighter/EMT
regalia I still am stunned. That's my baby (the youngest is always
the baby) saving lives. I am very proud of him.
A great big shout out goes out to Adam and all his colleagues who are
given the utmost responsibility in unpredictable, volatile, and
sometimes very dangerous situations.
jules hathaway

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