Friday, December 30, 2016

In A Cloud Of Dust

In A Cloud Of Dust

Picture book
Picture a local school at the end of the day. Students, except
for those who live closest, hop into the ubiquitous yellow buses or
parental cars. If we're talking high school many of the students have
their own rides. Kids in some parts of the world aren't nearly that
fortunate. Alma Fullerton's In A Cloud Of Dust explains this concept
Anna lives in a village in Tanzania. It takes her so long to
walk home from school there is no daylight to study by when she gets
home. So she has to do her school work during lunch break. Sadly
this means she misses out on a delivery of mended bikes from the
bicycle library.
All is not lost however. Read the book and see why.
In an author's note at the end, Fullerton reminds readers of the
need in third world countries for bicycles to get people safely to
school or work. She provides information about six international
organizations that work to meet this need. Raising money to help
would be a great project for a family, class, or youth organization.
On a personal note, Joey cat has been really been enjoying the
Christmas season: a tree to nap under, his beloved Katie spending the
night, a new catnip toy from Santa, little scraps of ham--not near
enough to do him harm. He has given me an unexpected present by doing
something he hasn't done in years. He will select a lower hanging
ornament and nudge it from different angles until he makes it fall to
the floor and bat it all over the place with great gusto. Of course I
have to rescue the ornament. But it makes my heart sing to see him,
at 13 1/2, being so kittenishly mischievous.
A great big shout out goes out to the dogs and cats who make
Christmases all the more joyous.
jules hathaway

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