Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Isabel Factor

The Isabel Factor

YA fiction
"Zoe and I had been friends since the first grade. We were a
pair...We were the flip side of the same coin. Yin and yang. (That's
Chinese for something I don't remember.) Peanut butter and jelly. You
get the picture."
Anna and Zoey are going to have the "summer of a lifetime." They
are going to be CITs at the camp where they've gone for seven years.
On the cusp of adulthood, they want to make what they see as their
last childhood summer something special and memorable.
You know what they say about the best laid plans? At the last
minute Zoey breaks her arm, grounding her. Anna ends up alone at a
camp that is a lot more complicated without her chum. There's the
need to get to know cabin mates she and Zoey have has the luxury of
considering extras. There's the cutthroat competition between the two
CIT cabins. There's the pressure on her to get a new nonconforming
cabin mate to get with the program...
Them mid summer Zoey arrives unexpectedly. Now things will go
the way Anna wants them too.
Or will they?
Preteens and young teens, for whom peers are a crucial and
sometimes confusing part of life, will devour this coming of age story.
On a personal note, it's not just kids. I'm having a hard time
figuring out who I am now that my youngest child has moved out.
A great big shout out goes out to my children and their significant
others and cats.
jules hathaway

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