Friday, August 5, 2016

March Book Two

March Book Two

YA graphic novel
In the early sixties I was a little kid living near the
Massachusetts coast with my parents and sibling, enduring school,
living for summer camp, and playing with the neighborhood kids. We
were not a typical TV viewing family. But my parents did watch the
news. I remember my first terrifying images of the Civil Rights
Movement: armed police beating up, turning fire hoses on, and siccing
fierce dogs on peaceful protesters...including children my age and
John Lewis was a pivotal figure in that revolution. March, a
three part series, brings his story to a new generation of readers who
see the events leading up to and culminating in the 1963 March On
The black and white graphic novel is perfect in conveying the
message. The white resistance to civil rights comes across as ugly
and brutal. In one of the scariest sequences a huge mob of armed
angry whites attacks a group of freedom bus riders with averything
they can get their hands on. A gap toothed boy joining in the fray is
encouraged by his beaming mother to hit harder and go for the eyes.
At the end pictures of a bombed church with the face of a
stained glass Jesus blown away segues into the next atrocity and the
third volume (I'll keep me eyes out for that and also snag the first).
In a time when, chillingly, a hate monger playing to the deepest
fears of poor whites left behind in a post industrial society has a
chance to become president, this fine book is a must read for anyone
who cares about peace and justice--both in and well above the targeted
On a personal note, as I write this review Joey cat is up to Veazie
Vet for his annual fur trim. Even though I know he's in the best
possible hands I'll be pretty antsy (nervous as a long tailed cat in
the proverbial room of rocking chairs) until he's safely home.
A great big shout out goes out to John Lewis who is still fighting the
good fight.
jules hathaway

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