Thursday, August 25, 2016

Meet Me at the Moon

Meet Me at the Moon

Picture book
Books that celebrate (or attempt to celebrate) the unconditional
love of mother and child range from the beautiful to the banal, the
timeless to the very forgettable. Gianna Marino's Meet Me At The Moon
is one of the great ones.
The land is dangerously dry. Mama (elephant) must climb a
mountain to ask for life saving rain. Little One, fearing their
separation, asks for signs of her continued love and eventual return.
The language is poetic. The pictures are richly beautiful, evoking an
African landscape.
Toddlers go through a stage that baffles many parents. A
formerly outgoing child will suddenly turn "shy" in the presence of
strangers or even family acquaintances. This happens at a stage where
the child is making rapid advances (that are exciting and scary at the
same time) and needs extra reassurance and security. Meet Me at the
Moon is a perfect bedtime read aloud at this transition point.
On a personal note, my niece, Maggie, is college bound. The family
recently had a lovely send off barbecue for her.
A great big shout goes out to Maggie at this exciting transition in
her life.
jules hathaway

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