Friday, August 12, 2016

Big Trouble

Big Trouble

Adult Fiction
"'I'm sorry,' said Greer, 'but we gotta go.'
'BUT I'M A POLICE OFFICER,' said Walter.
'I know that,' said Greer. I know you're an excellent police
officer, because I can't think of any other explanation for the fact
that you're handcuffed to an entertainment unit that's handcuffed to a
man who thinks a dog is Elizabeth Dole. But we really gotta go.'"
After reading a couple of meaningful, thought provoking, and
heart breaking books, I was ready for a little light bawdy humor.
Luckily the next volume on my stack was by Dave Barry. Barry is to
light, bawdy humor what Stephen King is to horror.
Barry's tour de farce, Big Trouble, is set in Miami. Much of
the action takes place in the far-from-happy Herk household. Father,
Arthur, is in hot pursuit of the maid, Nina, who vehemently rejects
his advances. Mother, Anna, has a bad case of marrier's remorse.
Daughter, Jenny, is being pursued by a classmate, Matt, who wants to
kill her as in squirting her with a water pistol in the context of a
popular school game. Inept freelance murderers want to kill Arthur as
in ending his life forever in the context of his angering the wrong
Rounding out the cast are a pair of bartenders who sell more
AK47s than beer, Matt's advertising executive dad who is basing a beer
campaign around big bazongas, some small time criminals with ambitions
to become crime kingpins, a pair of badly mismatched police officers,
a dog with a brain the size of a raisin, and, the canine's nemesis, a
venemous toad with a taste for dog food.
Did I mention there is a bomb with the capacity to do major
league damage drifting through sets of the wrong hands?
Big Trouble is a great find for anyone in search of light summer
reading. The plot is so outré you have to keep reading to see what
happens next. There is plenty of humor. And entities most people
have no fondness for are delightfully inept. What's not to like?
On a personal note, my husband and I had a wonderful 27th
anniversary. We exchanged gifts and cards and went out to Texas
Roadhouse for a lovely supper.
A great big shout out goes out to my husband, Eugene.
jules hathaway

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