Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mama Says

Mama Says

Picture book
With Mothers Day just around the corner I want to share one of
my all time favorite seasonal books. Rob D. Walker's Mama Says: A
Book of Love for Mothers and Sons, beautifully illustrated by Leo and
Diane Dillon, is a heart warming multicultural celebtration of a truly
special relationship.
Each two page spread focuses on a mother-son pair. On the first
page they are shown above the mother's advice in their native language
and English. The second full page painting portrays the son following
the mother's advice.
A Russian baker teaches her son how to bake.
"Mama says
Be loving
Mama says
Be caring
Mama says
You've done God's will
Every time you're sharing"
The son passes a loaf through a window to a fragile elderly mam as his
mother smiled proudly in the background.
Readers of Mama Says would do well to take the time to study the
pictures. They really extend the information available in the text.
Perhaps this is most evident in the American pages. A mother helps a
son with his tie.
Mama says
To be on time
Mama says
Be neat
Mama says
To be on time
And never drag my feet
In the second picture she must stand aside, visibly pained, as he
walks with determination past screaming, sign carrying segregationists.
On a personal note, I'm really excited because my younger daughter has
promised me that my Mothers Day gift will be a trip to Santa's Village
with her and her boyfriend! It's where her dad would take the family
for special summer visits. My children know the gifts I treasure are
time with them and the precious memories thus created.
A great big shout out goes out to my wonderful children, their
significant others, and my grandcat, Archie.
jules hathaway

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