Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm Trying To Love Spiders

I'm Trying To Love Spiders

Picture book
Once when I was a lot younger I went to visit my father. His
roommate had a pet tarantula. For some reason Dad decided to put it
on my arm, hoping for a stereotypical scream. I thought it was so
cool and was happy to let it walk on me.
A lot of my friends are very much afraid of spiders. All of
them, adult and child, would do well to read Bethany Barton's I'm
Trying To Love Spiders. A wealth of really cool arachnid facts are
interwoven into the narrative of someone trying very hard to overcome
a phobia.
Come to think of it even an arachnophile (if there isn't such a
word there should be) like me can learn a thing or two. Bet you can't
guess the poundage of bugs a single spider can chow down on in a year...
...You'll have to read the book and see.
On a personal note, spiders and all the other creatures were
celebrated recently at the HOPE festival up to UMaine. About 60
organizations had booths. I was volunteering at the Wilson Center
table. There was great music and awesome food. I had some of the
best coconut ice cream ever. I saw a lot of people I rarely see. It
was a really awesome day.
A great big shout out goes out to all the people who work hard every
year to make the HOPE Festival a great success.
jules hathaway

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