Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fire Engine No. 9

Fire Engine No. 9

Picture book
About a few weeks ago a neighborhood youngster told another boy,
probably a visiting school chum, that my big boy (son) is a REAL LIVE
FIREMAN. "For real?," the other boy said, "Wow! That is AMAZING." I
don't think I could have gotten more respect if I'd raised the
president. Children are still fascinated by fire fighters, as anyone
who has chaperoned a fire station field trip can attest. Mike
Austin's Fire Engine No. 9 is a perfect read aloud for today's kids.
Fire fighters and their dalmatian are cleaning a fire engine
when an alarm goes off and they leap into action. The multicultural,
two gender team puts out the blaze and rescues a baby, reuniting it
with its family, before a most satisfying surprise ending.
Whether in a home, library, or school, Fire Engine No. 9 will be
a frequently requested read aloud. The collage like illustrations are
vibrant and dynamic. Text is perfectly sparse and full of words
(weooo, honk, whoosh, smash) that bring out the dramatic in adults and
help emergent readers to enjoy success.
On a personal note, I just looked out's
snowing...with my daffodils flowering!!! I got plastic sleds and a
bin out the my shed and put them up for a little protection. I hope
this frigid precip doesn't amount to anything.
A great big shout out goes out to my son and all his fellow fire
jules hathaway

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