Friday, April 15, 2016

A Polar Bear's World

A Polar Bear's World

Picture book
Rarely do literary form and function blend as beautifully, even
in the picture book world, as they do in Caroline Arnold's A Polar
Bear's World. Illustrations and narrative make this first look at the
life of a fascinating mammal appealing to young listeners while
additional information expands the reader range upward.
Illustrations are collages done mostly in the muted pallette of
an arctic world. They are extremely appealing. The primary text
covers the first years of twin cubs and their development from
helpless neonate to adult ready to leave mom. Younger children will
enjoy the details of the cubs' activities and relationship with their
mother. Informational sidebars will help school age kids with research.
Global warming is exacting a cruel toll on the polar bear
population. Our species is the only one that can turn things around
for them. A Polar Bear's World is a good start toward getting
children to care and grow up to advocate for creatures they will most
likely never see in the flesh.
On a personal note, yesterday was the first time in 2016 that it was
warm enough to sit out in my outside glider (which maybe this year I
get around to painting) to work. I was writing the first draft of an
op ed. I'd better get the hubby to reconstruct my reading swing. I
anticipate many happy hours of reading and writing outside. :)
A great big shout out goes out to all the folks who are working to
save polar bears and other endangered species.
Jules Hathaway

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