Sunday, November 29, 2015

This Book Is Gay

This Book Is Gay

YA nonfiction
The young adult years are the time many of us grapple with
questions about sexuality. Our bodies change drastically, not always
in ways that please us or match media standards. Our emotions can
make life seem like a roller coaster. It would be confusing enough if
our responsibilities were not growing, people weren't treating us
I remember being more annoyed by than attracted to the booger
brained boys I went to school with, particularly the Neanderthals who
felt that I'd suddenly put on a sign that said please touch. I had no
desire to fake an interest in stuff like football or act like I was
stupid. If they married me for stupidity I'd be stuck playing life
size Barbie doll for the rest of my life. So was I a lesbian? Even
as a library geek par excellence I could not find the answer to that.
James Dawson's This Book Is Gay, dedicated to "anyone who has
ever wondered," is a most excellent resource for today's young (and
not so young) people. In addition to his research and personal
observations, Dawson has drawn on the words of over three hundred LGBT
people. His tone is conversational, deeply personal, nonjudgemental.
His book is eminantly readable.
"...loads of young people--gay, straight, or bi; trans or cis--
have oodles of questions about what it's like to be LGBT. This book
has some of the answers. Whether you think you might be LGBT or you
think you're straight and have some questions or you're anywhere in
between, this book's for you."
Some of the topics dealt with are: what the different
categories and others (like A for asexual) mean; the way stereotypes
limit people; strategies for dealing with homophobic and transphobic
people and institutions; and ways to come out and meet compatible
people. The last chapter aims to help parents and caretakers
understand and accept LGBT youth.
This Book Is Gay needs to be placed in every middle and high
school library and the juvenile sections of public libraries.
Teachers, guidance counselors, and others who work with young people
would do well to put this book on their summer reading lists.
On a personal note, I had a really great Thanksgiving. The
festivities started for me the night before when my younger daughter
arrived from Portland to spend the night. We had a nice time to chat
before bed. We had the traditional family Thanksgiving dinner out in
Winterport. I so enjoyed the time I spent with my three kids, their
cousins, and Amber's fiancée.
A great big shout out goes out to my kids, my niece and nephew, and
all of their significant others. You never cease to amaze me.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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