Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Wish

Thanksgiving Wish

Picture book
"'You never stop missing someone, Mandi,' her father said one
night as he tucked her into bed. 'You sort of forget how much you miss
them until something--like Thanksgiving reminds you again...'"
I think most people who have lost a special someone will relate
to that quote from Michael J. Rosen's Thanksgiving Wish. I lost my
mother in January of 2006. The holiday season that year really caught
me off guard. Probably having three children to make special times
for was the one thing that kept me from totally losing my sanity.
Amanda and her extended family have always spent Thanksgiving at
her Bubbe's house. There was a litany of special dishes. During the
month of November Bubbe would cook one each day.
The year Bubbe dies Amanda's parents decide to host the family
gathering at their new house. At the last minute they decide to make
all the traditional dishes. In the middle of a cooking marathon with
aunts helping out heavy usage overloads the electric system, blowing
the fuses. No more cooking until the hardware store opens the next
day. They're stuck with "Raw turkey, hard potatoes, cold soup, soupy
Or are they? The miracle they need may be just across the alley.
John Thompson's realistic, detailed pictures really help to
bring to life a touching but not mushy story.
On a personal note, what I enjoyed the most about my Thanksgiving was
spending time with my children, their cousins, and Amber's fiancée.
They get along so beautifully! When they are together under one roof
that time is precious beyond measure.
A great shout out goes out to Amber, Katie, Adam, Caleb, Maggie, and
Julia Emily Hathaway

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