Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lois Lane: Fallout

Lois Lane: Fallout

YA fiction
I think if I had a dollar for every young person for whom, at
least temporarily, gaming is much more fascinating than books I'd be
able to achieve family financial security and do a lot of good in the
world. Reading assignments can become the occassions for all out
warfare. Lois Lane: Fallout can come to the rescue. The plot
evolves vividly and excitingly in both real and virtual worlds.
Lois is the older daughter in a constantly on the move military
family. Her father, General Sam Lane, has said they will finally be
able to stay put, develop roots. He wants her to fit in and not make
waves. It seems that she's found trouble in a number of the schools
she's spent time in.
Even though Lois sets out with the best of intentions, it soon
becomes clear that it won't be easy or maybe possible. She sees her
principal refuse to help a student who is being bullied. A group is
waging covert warfare on her.
"...I swear to you, they're...doing something to me. To my
mind. Cognitive assault. Psychological coercion..."
They is a group that moves as one, finishes one another's
sentences, acts more like a single organism than a collection of
individuals. They are able to get to their victim in both real life
and a game, Worlds War Three.
These young people, the Warheads, spend only their mornings in
school. Afternoons find them involved in an independent study called
Project Hydra. It takes place off campus in a corporate building. Who
is behind this. To what end are they using high school students?
As the action moves between real and virtual worlds, the plot is
fast paced and suspenseful. I think even young people who aren't much
into reading would find the book hard to put down.
On a personal note tis the night before Thanksgiving and I am eagerly
awaiting the arrival of my younger daughter, Katie.
A great big shout out goes out to all my readers. May tomorrow find
you in a good place with lots to be thankful for!
Julia Emily Hathaway

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