Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Don't Go

Don't Go

Adult Fiction
If there has ever been a modern literary paralell to the
Biblical book of Job, it would have to be Lisa Scottoline's Don't Go.
Mike, Scottoline's protagonist and Everysoldier, struggles to retain
his humanity in the face of seemingly everything he holds dear being
stripped from him.
First he loses his beloved wife. Chloe literally bleeds to
death from a kitchen accident. Evidence related to her death reveals
alcohol and adultery. She was pregnant when she died. "...Everything
he loved and believed in was gone. He could barely deal with losing
Chloe, and now he had lost the knowledge that she loved him and was
true to him..."
Not surprisingly the losses pile up in Afghanistan. He sees two
fellow surgeons, close friends, blown to bits by an IED. "...visions
of hell. Body parts. A bloody helmet. Oakley sunglasses. Bone
fragments. A lid from a Copenhagen can. Soggy chunks of yellow fat.
Skull shards. Brain matter, with its chemical odor..."
And there's still a lot more loss ahead.
Don't Go is a must read for fans of good suspense novels. It
should be also required reading for all who would send young men and
women into unprovoked wars or stint on their post service care.
"The war had changed him, not just by taking his arm and his
livlihood. He was a different man now. He abused opiates. He saw
exlosions where they didn't exist. He felt pain in an arm that wasn't
Is this really what we want for our sons and daughters?
On a personal note, my husband's brother-in-law is on yet another tour
of duty. He will be very much missed this holiday season.
A great big shout out goes out to our miliatary people staged overseas
and their loved ones who will have empty seats at holiday tables.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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