Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Bobbies

Two Bobbies

Picture book
Finally on the superhero theme, Kirby Lawson and Mary Nethery's
Two Bobbies, A True Story Of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, And
Survival shows us that people aren't the only beings with superhero
potential. Bobbi, a dog, and Bob Cat, a feline, are real life stub
tailed critters and best friends. Their friendship and loyalty
survived quite an ordeal.
The ordeal came in the form of Hurricane Katrina. In the crisis
that was post hurricane Louisiana many people and animals were left to
fend for themselves. There was simply not enough help to go around.
Resilient and resourceful, Bobbi and Bob Cat traveled together,
seeking food and watching out for danger.
Four months after Katrina Bobbi and Bob Cat met up with a
construction crew who began feeding them. The workers delivered them
to a temporary shelter where volunteers discovered something amazing
about their friendship. Obviously they had to be adopted together.
Only when the temporary shelter was about to shut down a home had not
been found for them.
Could there be one more miracle in store?
Illustrator Jean Cassels has obviously spent a lot of time
around cats and dogs. Everything about Bobbi and Bob Cat--their
expressions, their postures, their fur texture--rings true. I can not
imagine the child who would not come to care deeply about the two
furry friends. Two Bobbies could inspire a discussion about how the
critters helped each other survive and some ways people can assist one
On a personal note, Joey cat is thriving, being just so happy. In the
morning and night he is alert and pouncy. He slows down and naps when
the day starts to heat up. He has his own window fan for when it's
A great big shout out goes out to all the kind people who rescue
animals and help find them loving homes.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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