Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just Joking 4

Just Joking 4

Juvenile humor
Many kids think that summer vacation and reading of any sort are
incompatible. Sadly, these are often the youngsters most in need of
literacy practice. Rosie Cowsell Pattison's Just Joking 4 is a lively
little volume that should be appealing to them.
This book is one of the best in it's genre that I've ever seen.
The jokes are novel and clever?
"What do you do when you're attacked by a gang of circus performers?
Go for the juggler."
The photographs that illustrate then are outstanding, not surprising
since the publisher is National Geographic Kids. Many fascinating
animal facts are included. My favorite is that a cat can jump five
times its height. That's like me jumping 25 feet! Joey cat, Yikes!
On a personal note, the July Orono Arts Cafe was one of the best I've
ever participated in. We had ten acts including three new ones. The
joint was jumping! People were clapping, stamping feet, shaking the
plastic maracas we put on the tables. At one point Terrie and I were
dancing. Next time I am going to bring my tambourine.
A great big shout out goes out to my fellow Arts Cafe performers,
especially the new ones, our enthusiastic audience, and the folks who
work behind the scenes to make this fabulous venue possible.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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