Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Secret Cellar

The Secret Cellar

Juvenile fiction
Young mystery series fans will be delighted to learn that Sophie
and her chums have returned in Michael D. Bell's The Red Blazer
Girls: The Secret Cellar. As you can imagine by the allusion to
their attire, the girls attend a private school. When they aren't in
class, as The Red Blazer Girls Detective Agency, they solve rather
unusual mysteries.
This one starts innocently enough. With Christmas quickly
approaching the girls are making lists. Sophie buys her father a very
special fountain pen from a dead man's estate at an auction. She has
to go a little higher than she was planning to outbid the very grouchy
owner of a small bookstore. When she decides to clean the pen she
discovers a cryptic message inside that sets the girls off on an
intriguing treasure hunt involving a changed will, a kidnapped rat,
bottles of wine worth thousands of dollars, strange and challenging
clues, and the legend of a famous German World War II spy. They're on
a race against time. The book store owning villain wants to his hands
on the loot and will stop at nothing in his quest.
Mystery loving youngsters will enjoy this book and the other
four volumes in the series.
On a personal note, I certainly hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I
surely did. The clan got together at the in-laws and a good time was
had by all.
A great big shout out goes out to all members of the extended family.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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