Tuesday, November 25, 2014

She's Back!

She's Back!

Children's classic
It's a marriage made in literary heaven. Fans who cherish
childhood memories of Pippi Longstocking (first published in 1945)
will be delighted with a 2007 edition that combines Lindgren's
delightful child point of view with Lauren Child's lively collages.
Most kids, from time to time, are frustrated by all the rules in
their lives. If only they could do just what they want! Pippi does
exactly that whether she's setting the local school on its ear,
outsmarting local gendarmes intent on putting her in a children's home
or worfully inept burglars, or rescuing toddlers from a house fire.
Child's very unconventional art is the best possible accompaniment to
the adventures of home alone Puppi, her monkey and horse, and her
bedazzled and delighted neighbors, Tommy and Anika.
On a personal note, once in college on Halloween I dressed up as Pippi
on Halloween. My advisor was furious because she was sure it would
make a very poor impression on a prospective big donor. Only he took
one look at me and expressed admiration for a college that would
encourage student imagination. The temptation to make a very Pippi
like face on my way to class was stronger than I could resist. ;)
A great big shout goes out to all adults who have not killed off their
inner Pippi.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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