Monday, November 17, 2014



Picture book
For me it was the basement at night. I bet when you were little
you had a place that you did NOT want to go. Maybe as a parent you
remember trying to persuade a terrified child that nothing terrifying
lurked in a certain place. That's the predicament of Little T's
family. They want very much to go to the zoo. She's afraid.
Rather than downplaying her fears, her parents and very bouncy
sister try to discover just what animal creeps Little T out. They use
household odds and ends to create a variety of animal costumes--a
whole alphabet of costumes to be exact. Kids can have fun guessing
what the various varmints are.
There's a visual treat for younger kids too. The family has a
very handsome tuxedo cat...very much like my own dear Joey. That cat
appears in the pictures, hiding in some pretty clever places.
And if one is ever hard pressed to come up with a costume on
short notice...
On a personal note, the place I am terrified of is what I call retail
hell. I don't even like to shop at first hand stores, especially of
the big box variety. The thought of being doomed to work in that
environment paralyzes me with fear. No kidding.
A great big shout out goes out to the people who will decide if I get
accepted to graduate school with a teaching assistantship. Hopefully
they will decide in the affirmative. Then I won't have to worry as
much about retail hell.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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