Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Their Great Gift

Their Great Gift

Picture book
Immigrants come to the United States from many different
nations. Despite cultural and religious diversity and a wide range or
reasons for making the journey, they experience some universalities.
John Coy and Wing Younh Huie's Their Great Gift explores those deep
Sparse text talks about coming from far away because of dreams,
not knowing the language, encountering prejudice, having to work hard
and do without, and pouring all energies into the welfare of one's
children. The pictures steal the show. A mother hugs two daughters.
A family shares a meal. People work in a factory, a restaurant, a
store. They come in a range of colors and ways of dressing.
In an America where political leaders too often score cheap
political points by demonizing newcomers to our nation this is a
beautiful reminder of the courage and determination this journey
On a personal note, Real Food Challenge had our first meeting of the
school year. We tossed out ideas as we feasted on pizza. We will be
doing a lot of really cool things.
A great big shout out goes out to my RFC gang.
jules hathaway

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