Thursday, September 29, 2016

Big Book Of Why

Big Book Of Why

Juvenile nonfiction
If you're a parent or teacher you will probably agree with me
that why is one of kids' favorite words. Four-year-olds want to know
why the sky is blue. Teens want to know why they have to obey rules
none of their peers have to cope with. In between these points they
begin a myriad of questions with this ubiquitous word.
Which is why a book built around whys (with a bright, eye
catching cover) will fly off the shelves when spotted by youngsters
(and adults like me who never completely grew up).
I mean who doesn't want to know why cats meow or why penguins
can't fly?
Within Time For Kids Big Book Of Why fascinating facts
accompanied by colorful photographs are organized into categories and
subcategories. So I could go to the animal section and find that page
12 is devoted to my favorite beast, felis domesticus, and discover why
cats land on their feet, meow, and hack up hairballs.
Some questions can lead to serious follow up discourse and action:
*Why is composting so good for the planet?
*Why are bees good for flowers?
*Why did the U.S. drop bombs on Japan?
*Why do kids send paper cranes to Japan?
Anyway, if you're lucky enough to have pre high school kids
still to home or you're acquiring books for a public or school library
Time For Kids Big Book Of Why is a great investment. Just don't be
surprised if it also piques your curiosity.
On a personal note, I had the greatest birthday anyone could possibly
have. I spent the day with close friends. I had cakes at
multicultural center and rainbow resource room. And at the dinner at
Wilson Center we had ice cream cones in honor of the occassion.
People sang Happy Birthday and I got to blow out the candle (and make
a wish). Who could ask for more?
A great big shout out goes out to everyone who helped make my birthday
truly special.
jules hathaway

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