Friday, September 23, 2016

Every Breath We Take

Every Breath We Take

Picture book
When I was a child, although air pollution had entered the
consciousness of at least liberals, people pretty much took that
invisible compound we need for life pretty much for granted. We
surely don't have that luxury any more. Very few, if any, places have
pristine air. Too many of our fellow beings, human and otherwise,
inhale toxic blends of chemicals. We all need to be thinking of air
and how we can repurify it. Maya Ajmera and Dominique Browning's
Every Breath We Take is a powerful way to introduce this subject to
young readers and read aloud listeners.
Quite frankly, the pictures are my favorite part of the book.
An amazingly intricate grasshopper looks sidewise at the reader. A
tiny sprout pokes up through the earth. Hot air balloons ride on the
wind. Baby birds sqwauk to be fed. Lovely multicultural people blow
up balloons, harvest vegetables, fly a kite, blow bubbles, cuddle in a
hammock... The text wraps beautifully around the pictures, explaining
succinctly how air keeps us alive and in touch with many aspects of
our environment.
Buying this fine volume not only enhances your book collection,
but helps a very worthy cause. A portion of proceeds goes to Moms
Clean Air Force. It's a community of people working to get clean air
and climate stability. If this issue matters to you please check out
their website which is listed on the back flap.
On a personal note, my husband spent much of the Labor Day weekend at
his camp. Monday morning I made him a batch of fudge and his favorite
chocolate chip cookies. I was taking them out of the oven when he got
home. We went on a yard saling road trip. At one place I got a
musical snow globe, two coffee mugs, and a cat that miaows when you
press its tummy.
A great big shout out goes out to my husband of 27 years.
jules hathaway

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