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The Odds Of Getting Even

The Odds Of Getting Even

Juvenile fiction
"Mr. Macon Johnson's kidnapping trial snatched Tupelo Landing
inside out sharp as Miss Rose snaps a pillowcase before she pins it to
her wash line. It gave my best friend Dale Earnhardt Johnson III a
triple shot of worry before the courthouse even opened its doors.
In the first place, Mr. Macon Johnson is Dale's daddy."
Sheila Turnage's The Odds Of Getting Even is an outré treat for a
ll from intermediate school on up who enjoy a good laugh. It's a
perfect lazy days of summer read for taking on an airplane or to the
beach. (If you choose the latter please slather on the sunscreen.)
Sixth grade narrator Moses (Mo) LoBeau and best chum Dale run
the Desperado Detective Agency. They've done the leg work to put
Macon, town bad boy from a line of wrong side of the law characters,
behind bars. As the trial is about to start Mo is sure it will be a
slam dunk. There's only one problem. The defendant disappears,
leaving behind an unconcious jailhouse guard and escaping in a police
That is just the first of a number of incidents. There's a
break in at Dale's house that very day. Sunday's collection, complete
with collection plate, goes missing from Creekside Baptist Church.
All clues point to Macon as the miscreant responsible for the
local crime wave. Dale staunchly declare's his dad's innocence. If
you have the great good fortune of getting your hands on this book
you'll find yourself caught up in a roller coaster ride through a
close knit town in which eccentricity seems to be a requirement for
On a personal note, Pride Day in Bangor was something special. So
many people turned out for the event. I marched in the parade and
then tabled. There were tables all over West Market Square. I was
lucky mine was near the music. It was a real festival of pride. Then
when I got home my husband had a surprise for me. He took me to
Subway for supper and we got the meal deals and ate there.
Great big shout outs go out to everyone who participated in Pride Day
and to my husband.
jules hathaway

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