Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Long Haul

The Long Haul

Juvenile Fiction
"Ever since school let out, I haven't had anything I've needed
to DO or anywhere I've needed to BE. As long as the air-conditioning
was working and the TV remote had batteries in it, I was all set for a
relaxing summer vacation.
But then out of the blue, THIS happened--"
If you're guessing anything like global thermonuclear warfare or a
zombie apocalypse you're wrong. Greg, protagonist of Jeff Kinney's
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, is having his dream vaca hijacked
by a family road trip. His mother has been inspired by an article in
a magazine called Family Frolic. Before he knows it he's packed into
the overstuffed family car with his parents and brothers.
If you're anything like me, you know real world enactments
rarely look anything like parenting magazine suggestions. The Heffley
family takes that to a whole new level. Anything that can go wrong
does so spectacularly.
Kinney's newest has appeal for both child (including kids who
would rather make summer a book free time) and adult. He has no
problem laying out parental foibles. Here's a thought. If you have a
family trip planned and suitable age kids pack this book. At the very
least, no matter what goes wrong in this endeavor, it can leave your
youngsters with the realization... could have been a lot worse.
On a personal note, I took Joey cat to the vet for his summer check
up. It was all good news. He's in great health. I had saved up
enough money and did not have to whip out the credit card. Of course
I bought him a new catnip toy as a reward for being good.
A great big shout out goes out to Dr. Julie Keene, the cat whisperer.
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