Friday, July 8, 2016

Gay America

Gay America

Adult nonfiction
The legalization of gay marriage; the repeal of don't ask, don't
tell, controversy surrounding transgender bathroom access--LGBTQ
issues are making quite a bit of news these days. A lot of people are
wondering where all this came from. Contrary to the opinions of
Westboro Baptist, the world is not going to Hades in the proverbial
basket. Current events are the product of a long history of changing
times and attitudes and the fight against discrimination. Linas
Alsenas' Gay America: Struggle For Equality provides a good overview
of this history for the adult with an inquisitive and open mind.
Starting with the late nineteenth century, where even in the
repressed Victorian era, people including some quite prominent ones
enjoyed same sex relations, Gay America explores explores some
chapters in our nation's history such as:
*The jazz age during which relative sexual freedom and artistic
freedom created spaces for same sex love to flourish;
*The Great Depression when women were urged to stay home and leave the
too few jobs for men, many men experienced gender insecurity, and
gains by gays were overthrown;
*Reactions to Kinsey's revelations, based on the sex lives of
thousands od men and women that homosexuality, rather than a rare
abnormality, was a practice of a large percentage of humans,
and, of course, Stonewall and its repercussions.
Narrative is easily understandable and illustrations are
plentiful. Libraries would do well to make this volume widely
On a personal note, summer is not Joey cat's favorite season. I would
probably not be crazy about hot weather if I wore a thick black fur
coat. Whenever we get a cooler day he perks right up. There is shed
fur everywhere. Whenever he scratches himself a cloud poufs right
off. Cats. Gotta love them.
A great big shout goes out to the LGBTQ community.
jules hathaway

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