Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Forget-Me-Not Summer

The Forget-Me-Not Summer

Juvenile fiction
Leila Howland's The Forget-Me-Not Summer is a wonderful read for
a child who feels disadvantaged in comparison to sibling(s), whose
mantra often seems to be NO FAIR!!!
Zinnia feels like the plain middle child trapped between
glamorous gorgeous Marigold who has already been in a television show
and cute as a button Lily who gets her way in everything
effortlessly. If only she could be like her older sister. Marigold,
however, feels that beauty isn't everything. Maybe she'd rather be
captivating like Zinnia.
It comes as an unpleasant surprise to both girls that, due to
their parents' professional projects, they will be spending three
weeks in July across the country in Massachusetts with a great aunt
they barely know. Marigold won't be able to audition for a very
special movie. Both feel that they will be leaving civilization. In
alternating chapters the two older girls narrate the challenges and
joys of their unexpected adventure.
On a personal note, I have advice for people with cats, dogs, or
toddler size children. Never start a dryer without checking inside.
Recently I found Joey cat sound asleep under the wet clothes I had
tossed in. Silly cat.
A great big shout out goes out to our UMaine students slogging through
the last week of classes en route to finals. Hang in there! Vaca is
just around the corner!
Julia Emily Hathaway

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