Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ketzel the Cat who Composed

Ketzel the Cat who Composed

Picture book
Animals can enter our lives in unexpected ways and deeply enrich
our existences. Leslea Newman's true story, Ketzel the Cat who
Composed gives us a beautiful example of this.
Moshe was a composer who lived in a big city and used the urban
ambiance as the inspiration for his music. One day, strolling the
streets and listening, he heard the tiny mew of an abandoned kitten.
He named her Ketzel (which I think is Yiddish for kitten) and carried
her home.
One day Moshe was stumped. He wanted to enter an important
contest. But compositions could be no more than one minute long.
Fortunately he was not the only sentient being in the apartment.
You gotta read this beautiful book about a critter who really
earned her cat food.
On a personal note recently a fellow Veazie Vet client told me the
story of his cat, Primrose, who, like Ketzel, was an unexpected
companion. Years ago he heard a noise at his door. When he opened it
a cat walked in and headed for his kitchen. Efforts to find
Primrose's human companion were futile. He thinks of her now as his
volunteer cat because she volunteered to be his companion.
A great big shout out goes out to all people who find room in their
homes and hearts for unexpected critters.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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