Tuesday, December 22, 2015



Picture book
Once upon a time a gorilla was born in a forest in Africa. He
began to learn life skills by observing and interacting with his
family. Sadly while he was still quite young poachers kidnapped him
and delivered him to America where he ended up in a cage in a mall.
Fortunately as the lonely years passed people began to feel
angry on Ivan's behalf and to write letters and protest. When he was
twenty-seven he took his first steps on his journey to freedom. But
would he be able to adapt to life with his own species?
You'll have to read Katherine Applegate's Ivan The Remarkable
True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla to find out. This is a great
book to introduce children to the idea that human created abodes are
not always the best places for wild animals.
On a personal note, my latest fashion accessory is a tie, but not just
any tie. It is blue with playful anthropormorphic polar bears on it.
I saw it in the Orono Thrift Shop the day of the library Christmas
party. I had a hard time locating a button down shirt to wear it
with. I debuted it at Dean Dana's Christmas party and was amazed how
many people totally loved it. Even strangers. That Sunday was my day
to sing in Pastor Lorna's choir. One of the guys said he would wear
his tie out of his robe if I did. I did. He chickened out. The
congregation deemed me adorable for doing so. LOVE IT!!!
A great big shout out goes out to my Universal Fellowship choir, the
hand bell choir, and our director and organist...making beautiful
music together.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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