Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vivian Apple Needs A Miracle

Vivian Apple Needs A Miracle

YA fiction
"Thou canst be ransomed from thy wicked ways; thou can embrace
thy Savior as thy Founding Fathers would have wanted...
But fail Him a second time, and you deny yourself the eternal
splendor of His kingdom--you condemn yourself to witnessing the
apocalypse. You will stand on this earth as it tumbles helplessly
into oblivion, and you will hardly notice the planet's dying gasps
because your body will be set upon by beasts of all sizes and shapes..."
The above quote is part of the prologue that sets the stage for
Katie Coyle's Vivian Apple Needs A Miracle, a most worthy sequel to
Vivian Apple At The End Of The World. Vivian and her chums, Harp and
Peter, are surely in need of something of the magnitude of divine
intervention. The rapture was just the beginning of their trials.
Peter has been captured by the Church of America. Vivian and Harp
have been identified as enemies to salvation with a million dollar
(and guaranteed salvation) reward to whomever turns them in.
Vivian's just discovered half sister, Winnie (conceived outside
of marriage and given up for adoption by their mother) is part of a
militia dedicated to taking down the Church of America. They offer
the girls sustinance and protection. The militia is funded by a
wealthy woman named Amanda, a woman who wants the Church of America
headquarters destroyed by force, no matter how many of her soldiers
are killed. Vivian and Harp think it would be better to discredit
them with the truth that the rapture was a total hoax. Not to
mention, they want to rescue Peter.
America is suffering from escalating environmental and societal
cataclysms. People are being tormented by dire threats like the one
quoted above. The church of America is going global and auditioning
actors for a man to play the part of a returning to Earth Jesus, a
If you haven't read the first Vivian Apple book I'd advise you
to start with it and go on to this one. I can guarantee you a roller
coaster reading experience with edge of your seat suspense coupled
with serious moral and ethical questions. I wouldn't have missed it
for a years supply of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
On a personal note, I had quite a Sunday recently. I had bought a
wonderful beetle costume at the Orono Thrift Shop...just in time for
the blessing of crops and animals service. There were live and
stuffed (toy, not taxidermied) animals, but only mammals and birds. I
went up in my insect attire to represent the smaller and very
important denizens of our world. Then I wore the costume to my
daughter, Amber's awesome Halloween. Her home was decorated inside
and outside with quite a graveyard on her yard. The food was delish.
I especially enjoyed the cupcakes with chocolate tombstones and the
eyeball cookies.
A great big shout out goes out to Pastor Lorna for not having
conniptions when a 5' tall beetle showed up in her sanctuary and Amber
for once again being the hostess with the mostest.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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