Friday, October 23, 2015

Saving Grace

Saving Grace

YA novel (2006)
"Why did something so awful happen to our family? We were nice
people who went to church and did everything we were supposed to do.
Doesn't that prove that there's no God? And no point at all in
trying to be so good? I do know one thing: If there is some Great
Creator, CEO of the Universe up there, He or She must be pretty
Grace, protagonist of Katherine Spencer's Saving Grace, has lost
her brother, Matt. He died in a car crash. She misses him
desperately. Her mom is constantly at church, volunteering or talking
to the pastor. Her father goes into his home office for long hours
after supper. Don't they remember they have one remaining child?
Grace feels that her good girl rule obeying self died with her
brother. She cuts her hair and wears edgier clothes. When some well
off popular girls invite her to enter their world she finds it
surprisingly to blow off her old friends, lie to them and her parents,
drink alcohol under age, cut classes, and use an emergency credit card
to buy way overpriced clothes.
Matt had been the heart and soul of the band he and his friends
had created. Now there's going to be a memorial concert for him that
will raise money for a homeless shelter. Worse, his band is getting
back together for the event. Grace knows how much he would have
enjoyed this opportunity. It doesn't seem right for them to go on
without him.
On a personal note, as I write this I am in a hotel in Augusta. I'm
here for the two day Maine School Management Association conference.
The clinics are fascinating. My favorites so far have been one on a
farm to school program that gets kids gardening and one on why so many
boys in our schools are disengaged and at risk. I'm talking to
superintendents and school board members from all over the state.
The food is great. And the vendors provide so many freebies it's like
adult trick or treat.
A great big shout out goes out to all who worked so hard to make this
event possible: the presenters, the vendors, and, of course, Connie
and Elaine, who are responsible for running the show.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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