Monday, October 12, 2015

The Porcupine Of Truth

The Porcupine Of Truth

YA fiction
If your tastes in literature run to the quest, the voyage of
discovery, Bill Konigsberg's The Porcupine Of Truth will be just your
cup of tea.
Carson, Konigsberg's protagonist, has been uprooted from New
York City to Billings, Montana. His estranged alcoholic father is
terminally ill. He and his mother are moving in to help with his
medical care. His counselor mother treats him more like a client than
a son. His father is frighteningly unpredictable.
Aisha is the lesbian daughter of a rigidly religious man.
Although she's been a daddy's girl all her life, when he discovered
her sexual orientation he kicked her out of the house. Carson
convinces her to live with him in his basement room.
Carson's father has been grieving being abandoned by his own
father when he was very young. Carson and Aisha find evidence that
his grandfather may still be alive. What if they can locate him and
enable a reconciliation before his father dies?
As for the porcupine...'ll just to have to read the book.
On a personal note, the UMaine Muslim Student Association put on a
magnificent Eid celebration for everyone. The food was delish. The
music was beautiful and evocative. The slides were fascinating. One
of the woman henna painted an intricate flower on my hand.
A great big shout out goes out to those students who so graciously
shared their beloved traditions. Way to make the world a little
Julia Emily Hathaway

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