Wednesday, December 5, 2012

American Girls encore

One of my vices as a library volunteer is checking for juvenile
wing new books. I stick little pieces of paper in interesting
acquisitions, reserving my chance to read them first after they are
catelogued. I was very lucky to catch three new American Girls
mysteries. They came in very handy when an inner ear virus had me on
bed rest.
In The Crystal Ball by Jacqueline Green, Rebecca (whom I have
introduced you to in an earlier review) must find out if she and her
neighbors are just having bad luck or if something more sinister is
afoot. People's treasured possessions disappear. An unusually
colored pigeon is found in a friend's cage. Her beloved cousin is
seen frequenting a pawn shop where stolen objects turn up. How can
she prove his innocence and find out what's really going on?
In The Cameo Necklace (Evelyn Coleman) and The Hidden Gold
(Sarah Buckey) best friends growing up in 1854 New Orleans must search
for lost objects against great odds.
Cecile has lost a beloved cameo necklace. It was her aunt's
last gift from her dead husband. Cecile has borrowed it without
permission to wear it to a circus. Now anyone could have it. Two of
the suspects live in a hidden colony in the alligator infested swamps.
Marie-Grace is travelling with her father on the Mississippi
River. A girl, Wilhemina, who has just lost her father (a prospector)
becomes a passenger. The girls must find Willhemina's father's gold
so she can be reunited with her little brothers. They may not be the
only ones seeking the treasure. Time is running out.
These three volumes are must reads for youngsters who enjoy good
On a personal note, I survived the inner ear virus. A doctor tried to
get me to take a corticosteroid (really!) to surpress symptoms so I
could keep going even though she had no idea how my body would react
to it. I chose instead bed rest. No long list of side effects plus I
knew how my body would react. Very nicely thank you.
A great big out shout out goes out to Karen and Shelley and the other
school nurses who work dilligently to meet the health needs of
students and families.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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