Friday, December 14, 2012

More sweets

For the most part I'm good about nutrition. I've been a
vegetarian almost six years. I have a great fondness for local fruits
and veggies, a preference for bread from artisans who bake small
batches over mass produced bland stuff, and a vehement distrust of
convenience foods with ingredient lists a fourth grader can't read. I
do, however, have my Achiles heel. I'm sure, dear Reader, you know
what it is by now: sweets.
Very few of us can totally resist sweets. If we're going to
enjoy them, far better to go the DIY route than trust Big Food! For
the precious people in our lives, baking can be an act of love. This
is especially true of our peeps with food allergies or sensitivities.
Creating treats they can enjoy is very special indeed!
If you're a fan of scrumptious desserts take a look through
Trish Boyle's The Cake Book. Even the cover picture--a perfect slice
of chocolate cake--bespeaks elegance. The recipes are grouped by
type. Fruit based cakes is the category that caught my eye right
away. I love the idea of a rum based fruitcake for Christmas. There
are even exotic chapters like mousse and ice cream cakes. A really
nice touch is the quotes scattered through the book, ranging from
Isiah to Oscar Wilde.
Looking for a slightly smaller treat? Better Homes and Gardens
The Ultimate Cookie Book boasts over 500 recipes. Oh my! Just the
dozen delights pictured on the cover had visions dancing in my head.
Many of the confections inside come with tempting photographs. Even
though my attempts would never look anywhere near as perfect I'm
inspired. The scope and variety are amazing. There are eleven kinds
of biscotti alone. The cherry rum looks tasty with its drizzle of
icing. There's a whole chapter for Christmas followed by one on
candy. The candy-box caramels would be so much fun to create as a
Enough already! I can't begin to do this book justice. You
just have to check it out yourself!
On a personal note, I can't imagine how anyone could shoot little
A great big shout out goes out to all our loved ones. May we take
every opportunity to show them they are cherished, not just when
tragedy raises this awareness, but every day we are privileged to have
them in our lives. Like maybe baking a treat for them now and then.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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