Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tea With Lady Sapphire

Tea With Lady Sapphire

Picture book
When Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick's Tea with Lady Sapphire
arrived at Orono Public Library, our children's librarian and I let
out a collective groan. It's such a lovely winter book. But back
then the last dingy snow banks were singing the doxology. We knew by
the time it hit the top of my review stack dandelions would be
springing up.
But wait seven months to review it? Not hardly.
Tea with Lady Sapphire provides a delightful alternative to
those dreadful Disney princesses. The guests of honor at this
festivity are feathered friends. They're the kind children in the
northern states and Canada can see out their windows, from woodpecker
and cardinal to seed seeking turkeys.
Rather than a frilly dress, the tea party requires bundling up.
Directions are given for putting up a special snowman capable of
providing nourishment for a wide range of birds and a few sneaky
squirrels. When the guests start to show up human (and feline)
celebrants can observe them through the window while drinking tea and
eating snickerdoodles. They recipe is included. It's really good.
So enjoy your summer. And wait til the flakes start to fall to
enjoy this lovely seasonal volume.
On a personal note, yesterday I had a truly magical summer solstice.
My son stopped by. I finished the most beautiful (and challenging)
counted cross stitch piece (one with a stained glass quality) that
I've ever done. It is a real treasure to put up in my studio. I
finished organizing my poetry into three book length manuscripts. Now
I have to start contacting publishers. I started a free toy "yard
sale" for the neighborhood kids. I had grilled mozerella and fresh
spinach sandwiches for supper and a dark beer before bed.
A great big shout out goes out to all the other people who made the
solstice something special.
jules hathaway

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