Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hatching Chicks in Room 6

Hatching Chicks in Room 6

Picture book
What is more adorable: a puffball baby chick or a fully
engrossed kindergartener? You don't have to choose. Caroline
Arnold's Hatching Chicks in Room 6 brings you both.
Teacher Jennifer Best has backyard chickens that provide not
only eggs for her family, but part of her curriculum. The newly laid
eggs she brings to her classroom take 21 days to hatch. During those
weeks the students learn a lot about their inhabitants. After the
magic moment of hatching the children get to tend to the birds for
about a month,
This lively volume with its captivating read for kids, teachers,
and home schooling or unschooling parents.
On a personal note, Joey cat got an unusual 14th birthday gift: his
own little rocking chair. He loves napping on it. Meanwhile Effie
Mae, our new community garden puppy mascot has made herself adored by
the whole garden crew.
A great big shout out goes out to Joey, Effie Mae, and the other
critters great and small who add so much joy to our lives.
jules hathaway

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