Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Growing Peace

Growing Peace

Picture book
If you're like me you probably need or want at least one cup of
coffee when you get up. If you're like me you probably know little
about the source of your preferred morning beverage. Finally, if
you're like me you will find Richard Sobol's Growing Peace: A Story Of
Farming, Music, And Religious Harmony absolutely fascinating. In my
mind it's a must read/listen to for folks from 5 to 105 who haven't
given up on making a difference in our world.
In 2001 Ugandan J. J. Keki journeyed to America to teach music
at a children's summer camp. After the camp season his travels led
him to New York where he saw a plane hit the World Trade Center. The
experience left him questioning how to defeat religious prejudice by
bringing people together.
J. J., the father of a large family, noticed how well
neighborhood children played together. Religious differences did not
get in the way of their friendships. Their parents grew coffee
beans. What about a cooperative for growing and selling their coffee
that could increase their income and set an example of hope for the
You gotta read the book to see how that went down. The
photographs that accompany the text are vivid and full of life.
In today's world where the rich and their gubmint bedfellows
keep the rest of us divided and squabbling along faultlines like
religion, race, native/immigrant, deserving/undeserving poor we need a
lot more solidarity builders like J. J. Could you be one of them?
On a personal note, I noticed I was only doing small, relatively easy
counted cross stitch pieces. Some time ago I'd started and put aside
a beautiful piece with a dragonfly and flowers that looks like stained
glass. I couldn't imagine carrying such a complex piece around. Then
I decided to work on carry and at home pieces simultaneously. The
chair in the studio is now my crafting chair. The shelf under Joey's
patio is perfect for my materials. It is the hardest piece I have
ever tried and very slow going. But I plan to stick with it.
A great big shout out goes out to fellow crafters including my very
talented daughter, Amber. If you're looking for fun winter boredom
busters check out her blog: http://amberscraftaweek.blogspot.com
You'll be glad you did!
jules hathaway

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