Monday, January 23, 2017

Duct Tape

Duct Tape

YA/adult crafts
The hubby has a roll of the generic silver stuff on hand to mend
anything from work boots to pipes. My older daughter, Amber, crafts
with more exotic patterns and was quite pleased on her birthday when I
gave her a variety pack I bought on sale up to Mardens. Some people
have even concocted prom dresses out of the stuff. Mainers and duct
tape seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. So I was not
at all surprised when, shelf reading in the children's wing of the
Orono Public Library, I found a couple of books dedicated to its many
Joe Wilson's Ductigami: The Art of the Tape contains 14
projects including a wallet, a tool belt, a cell phone holder, and an
apron. He also gives a short history of the substance. I had no idea
NASA requires each space shuttle to carry at least one roll.
Wilson writes with quite a sense of humor. Describing the Pet
Raingear, he says:
"There are a lot of bad smells in the world--freshy fertilized fields,
certain people on elevators, that unfound hard-boiled egg from last
year's Easter Egg Hunt, other people's national dish--but one of the
worst smells going has to be that of a wet animal. Just plain nasty.
Duct-tape raingear will keep your pet dry and alleviate those pesky
post-puddle jumping pungent pet problems."
The illustrations--old time pictures with the product superimposed--
are pretty funny too. This surely is a user friendly volume for the
Ellie Schiedermayer's Got Tape? Roll Out the Fun With Duct Tape
kicks things up a notch or two. There are 25 projects rated for
relative crafting difficulty. They include: ties, belts, picture
frames, water holding mugs, post cards, and even clothes. A number of
items would make cute last minute gifts for family and friends.
So whatcha waiting for? Inclement days when you're not really
motivated to go out in the cold and snow are perfect for learning new
craft skills. I'm betting that old groundhog will see his shadow
which means we have awhile to go before spring.
Speaking of crafting skills, Amber has been posting some really
cute projects on her blog. Her latest is a wearable photo album
pendant that can hold 8 of your favorite pictures. I know I can
hardly wait to make one.
Happy crafting to you!
On a personal note, on Martin Luther King Day we had the Youth And
Nonviolence Workshops we'd been planning for months up to the
Discovery Museum in Bangor. The event was well attended and very
worth while. I especially enjoyed being one of the closing speakers.
Tuesday I took the official program up to the grad school and had them
put it with my application because it is so relevant to the program I
am determined to get into.
A great big shout out goes out to my fellow planners and speakers and
all the participants.
jules hathaway

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