Monday, November 7, 2016

Most Wanted

Most Wanted

Adult mystery
"Christine finished her task and glanced at the TV, then did a
double-take at the screen. It showed a young blond man in a rumpled
jacket, his hands handcuffed behind his back as he was escorted to a
police cruiser. A cop put a hand on the man's head to press him into
the backseat, then the man glanced up with round blue eyes.
Christine felt her heart stop.
She recognized those eyes.
She would know that face anywhere.
The serial killer was their donor, Donor 3319."
I think few would disagree that scientific discoveries are
arriving at the speed of greased lightning as the inconceivable
becomes the possible and the possible becomes the commonplace. But is
what we can do always what we should do or what we'd want to do if we
knew its unintended consequences? In her riveting Most Wanted, Lisa
Scottoline explores this question within the context of a riveting
Christine is finally contentedly pregnant. She and hubby Marcus
have suffered the heartbreak of being unable to conceive a child. An
anonymous sperm donor became the solution to their problem; a donor
with genetic traits they highly value. Teacher Christine has decided
to become a stay at home mom. She is helping clean up from a shower
thrown by her colleagues...
...when a news story on the television catches her eye and
shatters her serenity. Neither Christine's doctor nor the sperm bank
will give her the information to tell her if the serial killer and her
donor are one and the same. Marcus hires a lawyer to sue to get the
information. He's afraid that the child of a psychopath might be
wired dangerously similarly. He may even be contemplating abortion.
Frightened by the way her husband is acting, Christine takes
matters into her own hands. Against Marcus' wishes she's doing things
she never dreamed she would: interviewing a serial killer in a
maximum security prison, visiting crime scenes... If her baby's
genetic father is innocent she wants to find out.
The stakes are quite high. Her marriage is on shaky ground...
...not to mention her life.
Fans of Lisa Scottoline's work, suspense story affecianados, and
ethics ponderers...put this fine novel on your most wanted list.
You'll be glad you did.
On a personal note, the Friday before Halloween we had ourselves a
fine coffee house up to Wilson Center. We drew a full house for an
evening of music, poetry, story telling, and comedy. I read four of
my poems. The whole thing was the cat's pajamas.
A great big shout goes out to the audience, my fellow performers, and
our awesome master of ceremonies, Dylan.
jules hathaway

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