Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Absolutely Truly

Absolutely Truly

Juvenile foction
Truly Lovejoy felt like she was living the dream. After the
frequent moves of a military family, she and her clan are settling
down in a permanent home where she has her own room. (She's the
middle of five children). They finally live near family. Her cousin
is her best friend. Her father will be joining them when he finishes
his tour of duty.
Only you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice
and men. A few days before his tour was done an improvised explosive
device took her father's right arm and killed his best friend. After
physical therapy in Germany he comes back a changed man, adjusting to
life as an amputee in a world in which his dream job, flying, has gone
from on the horizon to out of reach.
As if Truly's life isn't dislocated enough, she finds her family
selling dream house and moving to the boonies of New Hampshire. Her
grandparents are going into the Peace Corps. Her father and his
sister are taking over the management of their rapidly failing
independent book store.
Life in Pumpkin Falls, however, may not be as dreary as Truly
expects it to be. An old book in the store contains a cryptic
letter. Soon Truly and her new chums have banded together to solve a
Absolutely Truly is a great book for preteens coping with the
unexpected including the ones whose dads or moms come home from tours
of duty changed in confusing and frightening ways.
On a personal note, a couple of weekends ago Silvestre told me to stay
home. I was actually relieved. I needed time to rest and get
organized. With Silvestre limiting my activities I am sleeping better
and being more (petit mal) seizure free--the way I need to be next
year if I want to succeed in grad school. I'm even feeling more
confident that I'll get in.
A great big shout out goes to Silvestre, my knight in preppy polos.
jules hathaway

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