Thursday, March 31, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Picture book
Many retellings of Little Red Riding Hood have been far from
memorable. Susan Middleton Elya's version certainly breaks away from
that dismal rut, bringing the cast of characters into the twenty-first
Roja goes on her famous errand on a four wheeler. Her very
pretty mom has a telenovela on in the background while she does
chores. You can tell from the illustrations both (and also Abuela)
are big time readers. Abuela, who has peace signs on her pajamas, is
working with a laptop when the wolf makes an appearance. Later we see
her in skinny leg jeans. No drab old lady dress for this gal!
Susan Guevara's pictures are visual treats for children. They
will love finding recurring characters. Roja is accompanied by a
fine, feisty, fluffy orange and white cat. The three blind mice show
up on quite a few of the pages.
On a personal note, I've stopped being scared of not doing a good
enough job of being the Veazie School Committee chair. I think I've
grown into the role. Now I really like it. I can use my power to get
big picture stuff like a visioning team of members of all stakeholder
groups going for the good of the school.
A great big shout out goes out to former chairperson Gavin, who took
off for Glemburn, leaving me a path for upward mobility, and my
colleagues on school committee who insisted that I take it.
Jules Hathaway

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