Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boy, Were We Wrong About the Human Body!

Boy, Were We Wrong About the Human Body!

Picture book
Most adults know that ideas about anatomy and physiology have
evolved a great deal since ancient people speculated on what makes
people tick. This, however, can be a very interesting discovery for
children. Kathleen Kudlunski's Boy, Were We Wrong About the Human
Body with Debbie Tilley's irreverant and funny drawings, nicely
introduces them to this concept.
Ancient beliefs are juxtaposed with modern upgrades. The time
travel tour goes from ancient Egyptian mummifying to the discoveries
about genes. The young reader is reminded that people in the future
may be left bewildered by theories that are state of the art now.
Maybe she or he will grow up to be the scientists who does some of
this debunking.
On a personal note, a couple of days ago a conference I was scheduled
to go to was postponed due to messy weather and unsafe driving
conditions. Boy, in Maine can we be wrong about the weather!
A great big shout out goes out to the scientists, including those
still in school, who are showing us how wrong we are on a number of
Jules Hathaway

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