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YA fiction
"Her dad and Wren would be up any minute, and Cath didn't want
them to know she was about to melt down. If Cath melted down, her dad
would melt down. And if either of them melted down, Wren would act
like they were doing it on purpose, just to ruin her perfect day on
campus. Her beautiful new adventure."
The transition from high school to a college hundreds of miles
away from home can be quite a challenge for a young woman or man--even
under the most ideal conditions. It's easy to feel alone while
surrounded by thousands of unfamiliar peers. In Fangirl Rainbow
Rowell shows us how daunting this task can be when family relations
are tenuous at best.
Cath and Wren, twin sisters, have roomed together eighteen years
and been socially inseperable. Their mother had never really taken to
parenting. When they were in third grade she'd simply walked out of
their lives. So they've been there for each other, sharing
activities, clothes, and crushes.
Now suddenly Wren wants independence. She and her roommate go
shopping for dorm accoutrements weeks before classes start. They are
quickly swept up in a partying life style that, much to Cath's
consternation, involves under age drinking.
Their dad is someone Cath is used to protecting rather than
relying on. He's bipolar with a tendency to go off his meds. Several
times he's been institutionalized. How will he manage without her
around to read and manage his moods?
Cath is a genius at writing fanfiction. Her posts are avidly
read by thousands. In the nonvirtual world she finds getting along
with others a lot more scary.
This is surely a coming of age narrative for the 21st century.
High school students on the verge of their own college adventures will
find it enthralling.
On a personal note, here in Penobscot County we are going in and out
of snowstorms.
A great big shout out goes out to all the people like my husband who
are spending days and nights making streets and parking lots safer for
Julia Emily Hathaway

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