Friday, May 15, 2015

The Mistletoe Promise

The Mistletoe Promise

Adult fiction
Normally I am not a fan of romance novels with their predictable
formulas and gratuitous sex. So when I saw The Mistletoe Promise with
a cover picture of a couple walking hand in hand through a snowscape
in the Orono Public Library new books section the only thing that
enticed me to pick it up was the author's name. Richard Paul Evans'
characters, I was confident, would not engage in bodice ripping or the
modern day equivalent, hooking up.
Sometimes even a woman like me who spends much of her time
learning and enlightening folks about the evils of stuff like
standardized test based education and big ag and pharma just wants a
sweet light read. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did.
Elise is watching the food court at the place where she works
being transformed from Halloween black and orange to Christmas red and
green. It's a transformation she has come to dread. Suddenly a
handsome stranger (think Prince Charming in high end designer suit and
silk tie minus the studly stallion) comes over and asks to join her.
He has an unusual offer drawn up in the form of a contract. He is,
after all, a lawyer. For the following eight weeks they play the part
of a couple. He will escort her to events, eat meals with her, and
send her gifts. She, in return, will practice discretion, be good
company, and create no drama.
You know she'll take him up on it. If she doesn't the book will
be over in one chapter.
Nick takes Elise into worlds she never before had access to and
showers her with lavish gifts. Even more importantly, he's kind. Not
surprisingly she begins to fall for him. Part of her hopes their
relationship will go beyond contractual agreement and part of her is
terrified that he'll get too close. She's never forgiven herself for
a mistake she made in her past. She's sure no one else will be able
to see past it.
This summer you'll probably be in situations where a book is a
good companion: traveling, lying out on beach (do remember the
sunscreen), waiting for an available table at a restaurant. The
Mistletoe Promise is quite the nice selection.
On a personal note, I had quite a happy mothers day. My husband and I
went to visit his mom and then for a drive. I bought some lovely wind
chimes. My daughters and future son-in-law visited. It was a
perfect day.
A great big shout out goes out to all the other mothers with whom a
shared the festivities.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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