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YA fiction
Quite awhile ago I became enchanted with a wonderful time travel
novel called Timeless. In the spirit of the Christmas season I reread
it, enjoying it every bit as much. Then I realized that I actually
had the sequel: Alexandra Monir's Timekeeper. YOWZA!
In Timeless, protagonist Michele, following her mother's
unexpected death, moves from California to New York City to live with
her estranged grandparents. She receives a mysterious gold key that
allows her to time travel and meet some rather fascinating woman
ancestors. She also meets and begins a serious relationship with her
soulmate, Philip. There's only one hitch. His time line is a century
before hers.
Timekeeper takes off where Timeless leaves off. There is a new
boy in Michele's twenty-first century school who she believes to be
the reincarnation of her Philip. Only he is clueless concerning their
back story. Throw in two more complications. Michele's own birth may
be the result of time travel. Also a vindictive woman from the long
ago past has entered her time with the intent of destroying her.
There is enough back story to enjoy the second but I would
strongly encourage anyone new to this series to get both books and
indulge--chocolate highly recommended.
On a personal note, I hope my readers who observe Christmas had a
wonderful day. I know I certainly did. Katie slept over Christmas
Eve so she was there to open gifts with Adam, Eugene, and me. In the
afternoon we went to a wonderful extended family gathering where we
talked and ate and indulged in two lively Hathaway Christmas
traditions: the Yankee swap and the indoor snowball fight using fuzzy
cloth snowballs. Cole really got into that. As a result some of the
snowballs acquired dog slobber. No one minded. Lots of pictures will
amuse us all well into the New Year.
A great big shout out to my sister-in-law, Cheryl Hathaway, the
organizer and hostess with the mostest of the holiday family get
Julia Emily Hathaway

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