Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Great Thanksgiving Escape

The Great Thanksgiving Escape

Picture book
A clan gathering for a holiday can feel very different to a
child than to his enthusiastic parents. That's the message of Mark
Fearing's The Great Thanksgiving Escape which was inspired by his own
childhood memories.
A very reluctant Gavin is taken to his grandma's for
Thanksgiving. He's parked in a room of diapered, drooling, bottle
drinking toddlers until his cousin Rhonda invites him to join her in
breaking out to the backyard swing set. A number of obstacles lie
between them and their destination: the guard dogs, the hall of
aunties, the grand wall of butts, the zombies...
This is a very funny book and great read aloud that may have
parents seeing holiday gatherings from a different perspective.
On a personal note, I kicked butt on Millers, scoring 90th percentile
decades after formal education. Should help me in my quest for grad
A great big shout out goes out to the people who took Millers with
me. May all our dreams come true!
Julia Emily Hathaway

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