Monday, February 18, 2013

Z is for Moose

I've seen plenty of alphabet books in my time. They range from
the sublime through the trite to the ridiculous. Kelly Bingham and
Paul Zelinsky's Z is for Moose has to be one of the funniest.
Zebra is working methodically on creating an alphabet book. He
has characters representing all twenty-six letters carefully lined
up. Trouble is Moose is impatient to get his literary fifteen minutes
of fame.
Moose peeks around the corner at A is for apple, stands in front
of duck at D, and climbs into ice cream (I) and a jar (J). Zebra gets
aggravated and replaces Moose with Mouse. Moose becomes more outré
and then disappears. You'd think Zebra would be delighted. You
couldn't be more wrong.
If you want an alphabet book children will want read again and
again that carries an important message about friendship, you can't do
better than Z is for Moose.
On a personal note, yesterday in the middle of a blizzard (hopefully
not an omen) I officially joined Orono United Methodist Church.
A great big shout goes out to my church family.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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