Monday, February 18, 2013

Grow It Cook It

Let's face it. Our children usually don't eat enough fruits and
veggies. To be truthful, we, the generation that is supposed to be
setting a good example, are not modelling what we want to see. At
least with the kids there is a way to change things. Youngsters who
take part in the growing and cooking of wholesome food are more likely
to have good eating habits than their peers. Factor in that every
year more of our nation's food is being mass produced on factory farms
and you'll have every reason to get down and dirty (we're talking soil
and compost) with the children you love.
Grow It Cook It is a great place to start. It begins with the
basics of what plants need. Children from about second grade on can
grasp the procedures and plunge right in. Equipment is inexpensive.
Some stuff can be creatively handmade. The tone is even reassuring
enough for grown ups. The kids know they can do this. We're the ones
who go through life clipping our own wings with what ifs and other
imagined problems.
Step by step well illustrated instructions show how to plant and
maintain a wide array of veggies and fruits: tomatoes, pumpkins,
blueberries, sunflowers, mint, spinach, beans... Interspersed are
relevant recipes, also done in an enabling, illustrated step wise
fashion. Techniques like companion planting to scare off insect pests
and composting for plant nourishment are covered.
So Mom, Dad, Grammie, Auntie, teacher... What are you waiting
for? Spring will be here before we know it.
On a personal note, posting this review is putting joyous visions of
volunteering at Orono Community Garden in my head.
A great big shout out goes out to John and Shelley Jemmison, the
lively garden crew they'll assemble, and the preciuos senior citizen
friends we'll grow produce for.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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